Why should I buy Stench Snipers, when I could just wash my gloves?

When you wash your gloves, the smell comes back again after ONE use! Washing gloves takes time out of your busy day, and you may forget your gloves in the dryer! Stench Snipers eliminates the odors and bacteria instantly, lasts for multiple uses, and prevents buildup with daily use. Using Stench Snipers only takes a few seconds out of your routine. 

Can I put Stench Snipers in my bag, shoes, etc?

Of course! Despite the unique hand-shape, the product itself can deodorize a wide variety of items. 

What makes Stench Snipers better than deodorizing sprays?

EASY! Sprays don't get al the way inside the glove! Stench Snipers open up the hard-to-reach fingers, allowing for maximum deodorization. They also have no scent, preventing an unpleasant stench resulting from the mixing of spray scents and sweat. 

How often should I replace my Stench Snipers?

It is advised that you replace Stench Snipers every 2-3 months. If during that time, you notice a decrease in effectiveness, allowing Stench Snipers to sit in the sun for a couple of hours will revitalize its deodorization abilities.