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Got sports equipment? It smells. You know it. We know it. You stink. Let us help you :) 


From Hockey Player to Entrepreneur

Her Story

Gabrielle Garcia played ice hockey for ten years, starting at age six, when she wanted to play like her older brother and father. As a defenseman, she played boys hockey until freshman year of high school and then switched to girls. Gabrielle sustained a career ending concussion at the start of her junior year of high school, prohibiting her from playing in college.

 The Comeback

A week after her injury, Gabrielle decided to find another way to get back in the hockey community. She knew she would want to be a coach in the future, but wanted to contribute by solving a problem she's had for years: smelly gloves! And there began the development of Stench Snipers alongside her recovery process. 

The National Win 

Gabrielle's most recent accomplishment was winning the National Saunders Scholars Competition. This competition is the cumulating result of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, a program that helps students start their own businesses. Gabrielle competed against other Young Entrepreneurs from across the nation and won the whole competion. When pitching her ideas, Gabrielle prefers to wear her hockey gear. Hockey is still a huge part of her life and she can't let it go.


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"I tried EVERYTHING with the boys' lacrosse stuff. And nothing worked. I tried with Febreze, vinegar, even tried Odo-Ban a product that's supposed to get rid of the odor-didn't work. I also threw their lacrosse stuff in the pool hoping the chlorine would do the trick. But also didn't work. NOTHING worked. I'm so excited about your new product!"

Monica, Fl Lacrosse Mom

"Hey! they work and they're very easy to use! After the game on Sunday there was absolutely no smell in the one you put the stench sniper in, I was shocked!"

Aishling, NY Ice Hockey Player

" The other day I was breaking in a new softball glove as I tossed around the ball with my daughter, Juliette, who is also a junior, and plays on her school softball team. I noticed how damp the glove became after half hour and told Juliette how I needed your invention asap."

Ed, NY Softball Player/Dad

"We think that it's an awesome product! I will let you know what the pro-shop thinks of it! I'm interested to see how the skate products pan out, you would be an instant millionaire."

Coach Dillan, NJ Women's Ice Hockey Coach of Rowan University